Economic Development

shopLuke’s economic development strategy focuses on investing in people, partnering with local business and entrepreneurs, and attracting investment. Under the Becker administration, the position of economic development director has sat vacant for years. The turnover in the economic development department and loss of so much investment to other areas of the Wasatch front evidences Becker’s gross negligence of economic development issues that a Garrott administration will correct. We need a mayor that is engaged. We need an economic development strategy. It needs to work for all.

A sustainable economic strategy that:

•  Values local business and entrepreneurs
•  Removes red tape
•  Fosters innovation and investment
•  Educates and trains its people

Education and skills training—investing in people—builds a workforce that attracts job-creating investment. Local business deserves a regulatory environment that treats them as partners, not rivals. We can get our process and systems right at city hall, coordinating and streamlining in ways that the Becker administration hasn’t bothered with in 8 years. Luke is the only true reformer in the race, and has the knowledge and will to get it done.

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