Economic Justice

roseparkWe have a long tradition, now in decline, of American workers receiving their due. A lot of what we would consider fair elements of a life of work—health coverage, a fair wage, retirement outside poverty—are eroding as unions lose ground and employers break promises to retirees. While it has historically been the federal government which has addressed these issues (ACA, FMLA, and Medicaid expansion are important examples), we in SLC cannot afford to pass the buck on issues of economic justice.

Cities can have immediate impact on issues like educational opportunity and the cost of transportation and housing. A Garrott administration will be committed to expanding pre-K, after school and summer programs, as well as outreach capacities for schools. Luke's innovative policies on expanding public transportation and affordable housing are addressing kitchen table issues faced by many working families across SLC.

In addition, we need to set the tone on ending the gender pay gap and the lack of a living wage in Utah. Salt Lake City will pay its employees based in principles of non-discrimination and fairness, and will continue to pressure the State of Utah to address issues of economic justice.

Luke will uphold progressive values on issues of:

•  A Living Wage
•  Worker Rights
•  Pay Equity for Women
•  Closing the Achievement Gap

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