Public Education

Glendale Middle School PictureA smart society educates its children in ways that prepare them to be strong individuals, citizens and workers. A good education provides our children with opportunities for economic improvement, and is vital to the economic future of our city.

Luke’s administration will expand educational opportunities for all students in SLC by:

•  Raising teacher pay and incentives
•  Improving after school, summer, and pre-K programs
•  Connecting teachers with parents and families
•  Intervening in the school-to-prison pipeline

CLCAll students deserve equal opportunities to receive a good education. This education extends beyond the classroom to early childhood education and after school programs. The city can improve upon pre-K education through private/public partnerships and expanding access to parents, as Salt Lake County has done under Mayor Ben McAdams.

We can also improve educational opportunities by making sure that summer and after school programs progressively build skills and introducing children to various vocations and pathways to higher education. The city, non-profits, libraries and the school district will coordinate in ways that benefit SLC’s kids in new dimensions.

Luke understands that our schools must work harder to connect with families and communities, and will get teachers the help they need to improve student performance. Through education, we can create an empowering economy for all.

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