Level the Field

Luke Garrott is running for mayor of Salt Lake City to level the field for the city and its residents. Through smart growth, an empowering economy and democratic reforms, we can move SLC forward together.


slc-mayor-downtown-rising-growthSalt Lake City has massive potential and a delicate environment. We must meet the demands of a growing population with innovative, integrated and nimble policy. SLC must take the reins on public transit, clean energy production, and affordable housing options for everyone. With thoughtful planning, quality construction and constant care, we can grow SLC in a way that preserves the character of our neighborhoods, takes real action on air quality, maintains open spaces for our families and builds real community.

These policy areas include:

•  Real Action on Air Quality                                             •  Housing & Homelessness

•  Transit Choices in Every Neighborhood                    •  Neighborhood Preservation

•  Affordable Housing                                                          •  Streets & Parking

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SugarhouseOur city must invest in people, drive innovation, attract better jobs, and create real opportunity for all. Luke’s economic strategy will level the field to ensure that our economy works for everyone, not just the privileged few.

Americans have a moral commitment to equality of opportunity, and this begins with quality public education that prepares all our students to succeed. Opportunity must also continue through city policies that keep the door open for innovators and local industry, maintains affordable rents and serves as a resource for local business, and attracts capital through an economic development strategy that invests in people.

When our economy is fair and just, working families have the chance to not only get by, but get ahead. By cutting red tape and ensuring government works with entrepreneurs, we can do more for local business, so it can do more for SLC.

These policy areas include:

•  Public Education

•  Economic Development

•  Economic Justice

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_MG_1383Cohesive communities make decisions together. SLC residents deserve a truly open, transparent, and vibrant Democracy. With innovative reforms to renew the public’s trust in the process, we can reignite our Democracy in SLC.

Residents and neighborhoods will stand equal to powerful institutions and monied interests. Not only do residents deserve inclusive and responsive city government, they should have access to policy-making and a say in spending priorities.

Luke listens, cares, and knows how to bring people together through community dialogue and collective decision-making.

These policy areas include:

•  Integrity in Our Democracy             •  Participatory Budgeting 

•  Collective Decision-Making             •  Community Policing, Redefined

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