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Luke Garrott Calls on Billboards PAC to Remove Billboards.

Billboard company’s PAC posts billboards promoting Garrott similar to Jackie Biskupski’s; Luke Garrott shows leadership in dealing with PAC.

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Salt Lake City, July 23, 2015 -- With the August 11 primary rapidly approaching, Utahns for Independent Government has posted at least one billboard promoting Luke Garrott in his bid for Salt Lake City mayor.

Luke Garrott has responded immediately, telling the PAC and its parent company, to remove all billboards bearing his name. The move, says Garrott, is one that should have been taken by fellow mayoral challenger Jackie Biskupski when similar billboards were posted to promote her candidacy.

“I’m concerned about how Jackie handled these PAC-funded billboards,” Garrott explained. “Now, that this PAC has pulled me into this mess, the silver lining is that voters have a stark example on how Jackie and I would handle big money. She has denied accountability and refused to take action; I have called Reagan and its PAC--and am now calling on them publicly--to stop using my name and image. If they don’t respond, I will look into legal action.”

Utahns for Independent Government, a political-action committee registered by the owners of billboard company Reagan Outdoor Advertising, appears on the disclosure line on the Garrott billboards, the same as the Biskupski billboards that circulated earlier this month.

Late this afternoon, Garrott’s campaign discovered the billboard on 900 South between Main Street and State Street promoting Luke Garrott.

“I was shocked and then outraged,” said Luke Garrott who has been promoting his campaign’s self-imposed limits on cash contributions and refusal to take PAC money on the campaign trail.

“My staff and I met with Reagan representatives a couple weeks back to discuss in-kind contributions for three billboards around the city. When asked if we wanted additional exposure, I told them ‘no’ and considered the matter closed,” Garrott recounted. “I am disgusted with how Reagan has used this PAC to circumvent the spirit of our campaign contribution limits, but unlike Jackie, I’m not going to let big money continue to get their way.”

Garrott’s campaign is the only one who has limited its cash contributions to $1,000 per person or local business while other candidates have relied on the $7,500 limit currently required by law.

Garrott has been highly critical of the big money entering this mayoral election, noting that Mayor Ralph Becker and Biskupski have both taken large sums in high-dollar contributions.

“Neither Ralph nor Jackie have clean hands here. Big money accounts for about 3/4 of Ralph’s contributions and about 2/3 of Jackie’s contributions,” Garrott noted. “With Ralph raising $272,000 of his $365,000 and Jackie raising $145,000 of her $220,000 from big money, voters should be very concerned about the corrosive effect this money has in city hall.”

Becker has also cried foul with Biskupski’s PAC billboards, but Garrott takes issue with Becker’s complaints. “Ralph is a total hypocrite on this issue. He has taken his share of dirty PAC money from Rocky Mountain Power, oil companies, developers, lawyers, and many other special interest groups. The only difference is Ralph has had these contributors max out their contributions every year and reports them.”

Garrott says his actions to deal with the PAC billboards shows his integrity. “When Jackie did nothing to stop this PAC from using her name and image, she tacitly accepts it and it then serves as essentially a campaign contribution in excess of the legal limits. I will not let big money into my campaign and, if elected, I wouldn’t let big money into city hall.”



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