Meet Luke Garrott

Salt Lake City Council

Luke Garrott, the real progressive for SLC.

Luke Garrott, the real progressive for SLC.

Councilman Luke Garrott represents District 4 in downtown Salt Lake City. During his time on the City Council, Luke has championed the causes of education, clean air, affordable housing and transit, neighborhood parks and trails, jobs and small business.

Luke has proudly helped create new branch libraries and youth programs, fought for historic preservation and pubs in neighborhoods, and demanded police sensitivity in the use of lethal force and prosecution of sexual assault cases.

Achievements on the City Council

•  Expanded YouthCity programs to the west side
•  Funded 2 branch libraries (Glendale & Marmalade)
•  Council-created "Service in the City" volunteer program
•  Funded more police bicycle patrols
•  Defended the free fare zone from UTA and Ralph
•  Fought landlords of blighted buildings
•  Down-zoned 9th & 9th for neighborhood preservation
•  Saved Leonardo from becoming a city office building
•  Expanded tree care and planting in SLC
•  Bikes allowed in drive-thrus ordinance

Personal and Professional


Luke Garrott at his home in SLC's central city neighborhood.

Luke has lived in central city for 18 years, as both a renter and homeowner. The son of public school teachers, Luke has taught as a political theorist in the Political Science Department at the University of Utah since 1998. His award-winning teaching focuses on political ideologies and democratic citizenship, and several of his classes have partnered with local organizations to achieve neighborhood goals.

Luke speaks Spanish, is an avid soccer player and fan, and has coached and refereed youth teams in Salt Lake. He is also a licensed beekeeper, and enjoys gardening and raising backyard chickens while at home.


•  Master's in Public Administration (University of Utah, in progress)
•  PhD in Political Science (University of Florida, 2001)
•  Master's in Political Science (University of Florida, 1994)
•  BA in Latin American Studies (Stanford University 1990)


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