Affordable Housing


For the duration of the Becker Administration, Salt Lake City has fallen behind in affordable housing options for residents current and new. Rents are rising dramatically, and the price of a house is getting out of reach for many. To remedy the neglect, the current administration is  promoting a plan for “5,000 Doors” with very little muster to get it done, and is focusing on low-income housing at the expense of middle-income families. Meanwhile, many people of all ages--recent graduates, middle-aged workers, senior citizens--are being priced out of SLC. If we don’t act boldly and soon, our city will suffer a crippling loss in diversity: socio-economic, cultural, religious and generational. Luke knows that a city, like a natural ecosystem, needs diversity to be stable, vital, and healthy.

Our housing policy can:

  • Maintain diversity in our city
  • Move renters into owners
  • Offer affordable choices in every neighborhood

Another downside to traditional gentrification is air pollution. High rents push moderate income households into suburbs outside the city, extending urban sprawl, creating more driving, congestion, and air pollution. We must refocus our housing policy to ensure that anyone in SLC, regardless of income level or age, can find affordable housing options in their neighborhood. Mixed-income, not just low-income, is our way forward to smart growth.

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