Streets and Parking

photo (17)The streets belong to all of us. They are the most often-used type of public property, and each of us rightly feels some ownership of the streets we use on a daily basis.  Because citizens use their neighborhood streets every day, they are the best advocates for what their streets should look like. Developments like new bike lanes and changes to existing parking should have the input of residents and businesses who would be most affected. These are the people who know first-hand how their streets are used, and they deserve a voice in what their streets look like.

Luke will ensure:

  • No one gets priced out of enjoying downtown
  • A parking system that is fair and affordable
  • Streets that work for everyone

Combining the insights of everyday users (both commuters and residents in neighborhoods), urban planners, and traffic engineers, we will ensure that our streets work for everybody. Not every street has to be the same--some can be oriented more for car traffic and others designed for people who are walking and biking. The key notion is that the streets belong to the people, not “experts” in the bureaucracy.

Residents also deserve input into our parking system. Millions of dollars have been invested into unsightly, high-tech parking meters hand-picked from the Mayor’s office. As this administration treats parking as a cash cow, they drive away people who want to spend time and money downtown. Not only have parking rates risen, but so have fines (just one example is $850,000 more from late payment fines in the Mayor’s budget this year). It is now impossible to park downtown more than 2 hours after 8 pm without getting a ticket.

While Luke is a strong supporter of expanding public transit, “Just take TRAX” is not a viable parking policy. We need a balanced system that serves, rather than gouges its customers. As it gets more expensive to park, we reserve the right only to people who can afford it.

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